Friday, 05 Jun 2020
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Privacy Police Statement is related to the confidentiality of data collected and archived using the website (owned by the company MC-Latra doo from Belgrade) by the user and can be found in our website database.
Statement defines the collected informations and their treatment in order to provide more quality services.
Any further use of this website after learning the Statement of confidentiality, considers that the user agrees to these terms and conditions.


Due to the nature and technical characteristics of the Internet MC-Latra doo can not fully guarantee the protection of any information transmitted while using this website. Therefore, MC-Latra doo can not take the responsibility for any damage that might occur due to unauthorized use of confidential information by the third parties.
Also, MC-Latra doo can not guarantee any protection of data transferred while using the Web site that can be accessed through the other links which are associated with the website Latre MC-doo.
General informations


This information is related to the some general data - website that user has visited before or after visiting our website, operating system, IP address, etc. and can be used indefinitely to improve our service.
Also, this applies to the small programs that allow easier use of the website (cookies).
However there are options to delete browser cookies or to block them.

Any further use of this website after learning these conditions, considers that user agrees with these terms of Privacy Police and agrees to use this website according to them. If you do not agree, please immediately terminate your use of this website.

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